Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?
Cookies are text files that can only be read by the website that created them and by you browsing your hard drive and viewing the text file via a program like Notepad. Cookies are not tools to spy on you and your use of the internet. 

What are Cookies Used for?
Cookies are mostly used to store your customer login details if you set up an account, details of how you use the site, such as date and time of your visit, what type of device you are using (mobile, desktop or tablet) and if you are a repeat visitor. Some cookies add a bit more detail, such as length of time spent on each page, how you reached the website (e.g. Google search, Facebook link, etc) 

Cookies can be used to store items in your shopping basket when you visit our site, allowing you to add and remove items from your basket. The primary use of cookies is to make your online shopping experience easier.

Cookies do not...
A cookie cannot be used to obtain data or information from your  device's hard drive. It cannot obtain your email address or any personal information.

What Cookies does Copper & Grey use?
The only cookies we use are for Site Analytics, Shopping Cart, User ID,  and Facebook Pixel Live Chat, Site Analytics, Shopping Cart, Login User id. 

Do I need to have cookies enabled to use this website?
You acan disable cookies if you wish, but this may affect the functionality of the website.

How do I disable cookies?
You can control cookies via your internet browser. Usually via the privacy setting.s

Please check our privacy policy  for further information.