A Simple Thank You Goes A Long Way

A Simple Thank You Goes A Long Way

Saying thank you is such a basic thing,  but being able to say it well takes a little more skill. If you're ever unsure how to express your gratitude and appreciation, here are three tips to help you get started:

  • Keep it simple! There's no need to write a novel or use fancy words. Just be sincere and honest with your message.

  • Speak from the heart. When expressing gratitude, use language that feels natural and genuine to you—not what someone else might say. 

  • Be specific about what you are thanking them for (and why!) People love hearing positive reinforcement about their efforts; and if you appreciate what they did for you, let them know about it!

When your 'thank you' requires a little bit more...

A simple "Thank You" goes a long way in making others feel good about themselves and their actions toward others, but what about the person who has gone above and beyond? How can you show your appreciation to them?

Here are some ideas:

Write a Thank You Card...then pop it in the mail.

Thank you cards are a great way to express your gratitude. A handwritten note shows your gratitude in a personal way that an email or text message can't match. When you're putting pen to paper to say 'thanks', here are some tips:

  • It's a nice touch to send your thank you card as soon as possible. If you've been touched by a gift or favour, let the person know as quickly as you can. 
  • Write when it feels right: If someone has given you an amazing gift that's just perfect for you, let them know! They'll be delighted to know their thoughtful gift has hit the mark! 

  • Pick a thank you card that's personal to the recipient. For example, if they are a dog lover, choose a card that features their favourite animal.
  • Pop it in the post! Taking the time to send your card through the mail elevates it! Its such a rarity these days, it makes it extra special.

If you're thinking of a thank you gift, here are some ideas on what to give:

  • Choose something that's useful: Think of what the recipient will appreciate, and then choose something that fits their preferences and lifestyle. For example, if you know your friend likes to cook, a kitchen utensil would be a great choice!
  • Choose something personal: Give a gift that is unique to that person. Give something related to their interests, hobbies, personality or job. It shows the  gift is about the recipient rather than the giver.
  • Surprise them with their favourite food or drink: If all else fails, food and/or drink is always a great fallback idea. Who doesn't love to receive their favourite box of chocolates or bottle of wine!

There are many ways to show your appreciation, but giving a gift is one of the best! It's a great way to let someone know that you care about them.

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